Hello clear ponds, goodbye string algae!

Ionizer - Natural String Algae Eliminator

The ionizer, controlled by an adjustable panel, releases ions into the water which reduces maintenance in the pond by eliminating string algae from growing.   


low voltage hookups make operating the ionizer cost less than $1 per month!  Probes last between 1 and 3 seasons.


We install the ionizer in your return line (1.5 or 2 inch) to allow the maximum amount of flow to pass through the ions to give the most effective results.

Ultimate diy'er?

Follow this video to install the ionizer yourself.

Rather have us visit your pond?

Pond Maintenance Program (PMP)

We use a variety of Aquascape products and scrub waterfall rocks to give your pond or pondless waterfall a "fresh look" after each visit.


We visit water features on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.  Have a party coming up?  We offer "as needed" PMP services as well.