Position in Company: Founder and Owner

Experience: 16 Years

Credentials: Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Western Michigan University, Master Gardener Certificate from Michigan State University, Certified Aquascape Contractor, Member of the Pond Guy Peer Group, Water Gardening Excellence Program Member, Standard Build-a-Pond Certificate, Pondless Build-a-Pond Certificate, Advanced Build-a-Pond Certificates.  Top Frog Awards, Numerous company affiliations and speaking engagements. 

Notes:  Chuck has taken the company from ideas written on a napkin, a Pontiac Bonneville, and a spade shovel in 1999 to a leading specialized landscape company in the Ann Arbor area..  With a keen eye for business and a passion for the water garden "lifestyle", WaterScape has flown safely under his wing for over 16 years.  When building water features Chuck is known to the crew as the "waterfall guru" with a knack for realistically replicating the sights and sounds of nature's waterfalls.  A pleasure to work with, and for, his role in WaterScape is as a Father, Friend, and Mentor. 

2016 team - Chuck