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9905 Spencer Rd.
 South Lyon, Michigan  48178
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"Thanks so very much for our new aquatic ecosystem - "water feature" just doesn't describe how beautiful and extensive it is.  It was such a pleasure working with you and the rest of the WaterScape guys throughout the entire job.  We are so happy with how it turned out and so appreciate all your hard work, careful planning and design."    

-Cathy & Brian - Ann Arbor, MI


"Thanks Chuck. The waterfalls and pond look awesome in the snow. Christmas day we had a fire in the fire pit with all the family out there, kids having snowball fights, zip lining over pond etc. Great stuff! Thanks for everything."    

-Robert McCurren - Ann Arbor, MI


"Like a good wine, our waterscape seems to get better each year! It is fun to plan new features to be added. This year we added a gazebo, stone path and an area for a bench. Chuck and crew have great ideas to continue the process of re-inventing your waterscape. We anticipate being able to enjoy spending more time beside our pond this next spring. Waterscape is a great designer to work with and most importantly to build a continuing relationship over time!" 

 Lana & Dave Berry -  Ann Arbor, MI.


"Hi Chuck, The wedding went beautifully for us.  One of the biggest factors was a break in the weather...we were blessed with near perfect conditions. As a result, a majority of the people were outside during the gathering and the waterfall was a true focal point. we received universally positive comments about it.  We were thrilled to have it in our yard.  Several people asked about who had done it and other details.  I handed out two copies of your literature, but have no inkling whether anyone will be following up further.  One other point...whatever you did to "clean it up" when you were there a few days before the wedding worked very well...the water really got clear by the next day. Thanks for great work!" 

Ed Gray - Brighton, MI

The pond is up and working beautifully.  Thank you for sending the best crew on the planet,  They should all get a big bonus for toiling in that oppressive heat, especially Ben and the other members of your crew, you are very lucky to have them in your employ.  YOU certainly delivered on all of your promises and we feel so blessed to have connected with you.  Hope you have a busy productive summer and make all your clients as happy as we are!      Sincerely, Sharon Dixon  Milford, MI
“DITTO” and multiply that sentiment by 1000, Skip"

-Skip & Sharon - Milford, MI


"The decision to have a pond installed has been one of the best we've made, in terms of investing money in something that we will enjoy for years to come.  It has caused us to spend so much more time around the house than ever before.

We initially had our pond installed last spring (2008).  My Dad, who also happened to be my best friend, passed away in June. Who knew sitting around the pond in the evenings after work would be just what the doctor ordered.  Words can't express the sense of serenity, peace, comfort, and enjoyment we experience there.  We have enjoyed our pond so much that we decided to expand it this spring.  Having a pond installed has been worth so much more than the expense.

The crew at WaterScape is awesome.  Chuck, Cory and their entire team are not only professional and courteous, but a pleasure to be around.  Thanks to all of you for providing such a wonderful atmosphere in our own yard!"

Sherry & Jim Lockard - Milan, MI.


"We have been extremely pleased with the pond you installed for us almost two years ago. It has been a constant source of pleasure, and having you service it for us so professionally has made the experience trouble-free. Even when small issues arise you are always quick and professional and have always solved the problems. We appreciate the bi-weekly maintenance during the summer as well as the plants and the fish you provided.

We were not sure that the pond would work throughout the harsh Michigan winters, but with your pre-winter preparations, we have enjoyed the ever changing drama of the winter pond. The fish have thrived even though the winter and the beautiful ice formations that constantly change are delightful to observe. Our pond and waterfall are my wife's favorite aspect of our new home.

Because of your fine quality work and attentive maintenance, we would be happy to show our pond to any prospective customers and please feel free to use us as a reference at any time."

Steve Ray -  Ann Arbor, MI.


"We were among the initial customers of Waterscape after having seen their setup at the annual Home Show. Chuck designed a pond and waterfall that nicely complimented our backyard. Needless to say we were very pleased and have retained Waterscape to care for the pond since then, including the winterizing and spring cleaning procedures. We are also 'Sparkle Care' customers and could not be more satisfied. When we needed some additional landscaping work at our home, we called Chuck and he designed a garden for us and his crew did a great job of planting. In sum, we have found Chuck and the entire Waterscape crew to be professional, responsive, very customer oriented, and especially friendly. We recommend them most highly!" 

Claude Martin - Ann Arbor, MI.

Waterscape, Inc. - 9905 Spencer Rd. South Lyon, MI 48178 -  734-944-ROCK